5 Questions You Should Be Asking Your Customers Right Now…

The world has changed since 2020 and, while we’re in a period of transitioning to a new normal, there are some questions that you really should be asking your customers. There are so many opportunities to be discovered simply by taking the time to see how customers have been affected; how they have changed; and what they’re looking for going forward. Are you asking your customers these questions?

How safe do your customers feel returning to shop in store? What are their concerns? We recently carried out a poll on our own online community and the results were split 50/50 between those that felt safe to return to the shops and those that didn’t feel safe. Potentially half of your customer base are feeling vulnerable right now. Understanding how you can better cater for them online, to ensure they feel as valued as your customers in store, will undoubtedly positively impact their brand loyalty going forward.

Which new brands have your customers grown loyal to over the past year? Many of your customers have entered the realm of online shopping for the first time. Others will have had more time to explore new brands and discover cost savings and new products / services online. You need to understand how your customer base has changed. By understanding the other brands that they now feel loyal to, you can gain a picture of how their shopping behaviours have developed. Are these brands largely aspirational; are they sustainable; or maybe the cost is attracting them. What are these brands doing differently to you? Can you learn anything from them?

What could you have done better over the last year? Understanding where you may have fallen short over the last year provides the tools to be better and to exceed expectations going forward. Whether it’s the level of communication, processes or the general service provided, there are always opportunities to improve. People are no longer settling for “OK”, they want to feel special, considered and part of something… if you don’t live up to this, your competitors will.

Do your customers feel like you are doing enough for the environment? The climate crisis, once something experienced watching the evening news, is now being experienced first-hand around the world with apparent changes in our weather. Your customers are becoming sustainability-savvy and their loyalty to you may be in question if you are not making moves to a more sustainable product / service. Understanding just how important it is to them is a crucial insight for the future of your business.

How are you? Sometimes, the simple questions are the best and sometimes people just need to feel like you care. It doesn’t matter what size your business is, you should be asking how your customers are right now. You may be surprised by their response and they will appreciate that the question has been asked. Everyone has had a tough year, sometimes the smallest acts of kindness go a long way.

At Tribes Research, we pride ourselves on understanding the questions that need to be asked to gain the greatest insights for your business. Engage your customers by asking the right questions and you will receive actionable results to ensure long term success. Get in touch and we’ll uncover the questions that your business should be asking!