Building Relationships Through Research

Building Relationships Through ResearchWe pride ourselves on delivering a range of research solutions. In particular, we see time and time again the benefits of community panels. The power of the relationships between brands and their customers cannot be underestimated. This week, we explore five benefits of building relationships with your customers through research…
CustomersYour customers’ needs are evolving at pace. In a world where we are all being fed thousands of messages every day, customers have never had so much choice, or indeed control, over how and where they spend their money. Communities provide a unique tool to cut through the noise and find out exactly what your customers want to see from you.
RelationshipsWho doesn’t like being listened to? In the same way you build friendships through social interaction and communication, customers want to feel a connection with the brands they use. Given the choice of two brands, they are far more likely to be drawn to the brand they have a connection/relationship with than the complete stranger. Communities offer a platform where you can interact with your customers whenever you choose.
InnovationInvolve your customers in the development of your product/service. What better way to build on your existing customer relationship than involving them in the future of your business. The community platform has the ability to bring new concepts to life, ensuring businesses deliver something that delights rather than investing time, energy and money in a new product/service that falls short.
RecruitmentAs your customers change and your brand develops, recruitment is an ongoing process. Your community will grow and continue to evolve and reflect your current customer base. This is a considerable component of a successful long term community. As with any relationship, your community needs to be nurtured to remain engaged and relevant.
CompetitionIn an ever competitive world, we are reminded through our existing communities how building a relationship with your customers can set you apart from the crowd. So much so that people will often pay a premium for the brands that they trust and feel drawn to… proof of the power in building relationships.