Online Communities – One Size Doesn’t Fit All!

One Size Doesn't Fit AllWe are often asked how we go about setting up our online communities and whether we use a ‘community in a box’ approach i.e. change the logo and off you go! The answer is most definitely ‘no’. We couldn’t be more passionate that all of our online communities are painstakingly bespoke and a true reflection of the brand or industry we are representing. Some of the main components of setting up a successful community in this way begin with…
Understanding Your MotivationWe take time to listen to you and your requirements for an online community. What is the purpose behind the community? Which types of feedback would be most beneficial? I.e. forums/polls/surveys. During these discussions we can often highlight additional ways that the community can benefit your business that you may not have considered yet.
What Motivates Your CustomersTaking time to understand your customers and how they interact with your brand/industry is another key aspect of the set up. Ensuring the community we build is engaging, follows the customer journey and exceeds expectations will drive user satisfaction and help us achieve the most insightful feedback.
ReflectiveWhether the community is representing your brand or your industry, a large part of the set up process is making sure that the look and feel of the community really does reflect the brand/industry. We work on numerous mockups to tailor each and every community to you!
Tone of VoiceWe have written an article on this subject before. A key element to this is understanding the customer/audience and tailoring the copy within the community, and within all email communications, to be sure that it speaks to your customer in a way they are familiar with.
Results & ReportingYes, we’re considering the results and reporting even during the set up phase of the community. We want to be sure that you receive the highest level of insight from your community. Understanding your motivation and requirements will help identify the most beneficial reporting methods for you.