Why Is Written ‘Tone Of Voice’ So Important?

Why is Written Tone of Voice So Important?Hands up if you’ve received a text message or an email from someone and taken it completely out of context!  We’ve all been there.  The written word can be construed in so many ways. For this reason, it is vital that any communication between a business and their customers is carefully considered.  This week, we are sharing 5 pointers to help when preparing copy.
Understanding Your BrandAll written communication needs to reflect your brand and quite literally speak to your customers.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s your website, social media, newsletters, or general emails – they are all of equal importance. Really think about your brand and how you want current and prospective customers to feel when they receive/read your communications.
Be AuthenticBusiness communication is changing. People are becoming more conscious of their purchase decisions and they are looking for a greater connection with the companies they are purchasing from. Whether that’s companies who are socially responsible, or that simply share their own values.  Be authentic in your written communication – don’t try and be something that you’re not.  You will find a greater connection with your customers if you remain true to your values.
Take Your Time9 times out of 10 written communication is taken out of context because it has been rushed.  All copy needs to be carefully considered.  Depending on what you’re working on, it can help to write it, read it and step away.  Come back to it later and read it afresh.  You may find that you end up making a number of beneficial amendments by taking the time to consider what you’re writing and how it will be received.
Get a Second OpinionAs we’ve mentioned before, written communication can be construed in many different ways by different people.  Depending on the importance of the copy that you’re preparing, it’s always wise to get a second opinion on your copy to ensure people are accurately receiving the message(s) that you want to convey.
When You Get it RightWhen you get it right, your written communication will draw your target audience in and engage them with your brand.  At Tribes Research, we pride ourselves on adopting a brands ‘tone of voice’ when developing online communities. An online community is an extension of your brand and members want to hear from the brand they know and trust so that they can speak freely and honestly in return. This is where getting the written communication right can really add value to a brand.